Interview Questions

To get the job

25 Dec 2023

After an interview, knowing the right questions to ask potential employers can be hard. I’ll list some important questions that I found across the web or that I thought of below.

Nibble Stew (Source 1)

Dave Ceddia (Source 2)

Reddit (Source 3)

My Own

I won’t give the reason as to why to ask these questions (If you do want the rationale, some of the sources below justify why). I will leave it as an exercise to you on why it would be beneficial for you to ask this. There is no point asking a question if you can’t justify its purpose. Some goals that you want to achieve when asking these questions:

Barring external circumstances, which are unfortunately out of your control, your performance and general attitude towards work is what matters to the company and your manager. Knowing how to properly address this will keep you happy.

Getting an interview in the first place

This doesn’t quite fit into this post, but it’s related and valuable (at least to me). “Career Advice Nobody Gave Me: Never Ignore a Recruiter” is a good article explaining how to use a recruiter to get an interview in the first place, without wasting a lot of your time.