Pinephone Pro Essentials

Daily Driving the PPP

22 Jan 2023

Here’s an overview of what I’ve done on the Pinephone Pro. I’ll likely update this page when I encounter new things.

I’m using postmarketOS with Phosh.

Things I have done to improve my usage


End Thoughts

Overall, it looks like the Pinephone Pro is almost ready for the end user. I think the main setbacks are the battery life, lack of a camera (should be in the process of going to mainline as of now), and a lack of apps that many users are accustomed to. However, it’s already looking like a great daily driver. I will probably have to carry around 2 phones if I daily drive it now, however it looks like I’ll soon be able to use only the Pinephone Pro. Looking forward to that day :).

2023-05-04 EDIT

Sadly, I have switched back to my old phone. There were times when I would have liked to use my phone, however, there were some bugs continuing to bother me.

However, it is extremely close. I can’t wait to switch back soon

2024-01-30 EDIT

There have been multiple people daily driving this phone. Check them out!

It’s come a long way. The cameras are somewhat working now. However, I still have to wait for the rough edges to be truly polished